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Helicopter & Snowshoe Adventure

“Shoe” Into the Unknown

Think of a time when you experienced something out of the ordinary. This is a time when you decided to try something new, different, perhaps scary because you wanted to have that unique experience. What emotions did you feel beforehand? Were you nervous, intimidated, excited, thrilled?

Can you express how you felt afterward? Did it leave you mind-blown or awestruck? Or were you left feeling disappointed or dissatisfied? Were your expectations met? Did you want more?

When you visit Alaska, especially for the very first time, you are indeed experiencing something out of the ordinary. Alaska is a land of wonder; unique adventures abound. Dog sledding, Nordic skating, fat-tire biking, snow machining, and foraging are just some of the things Alaskans call their past-times.

You can visit North America’s tallest peak, Mt. Denali. Or venture to a remote lodge deep in the primitive, Alaskan wilderness. You could travel to North America’s largest national park, Wrangell St. Elias, or ride on the last remaining whistle-stop railroad, the Alaskan Railroad. Even minutes outside of Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, there are even world-class sights and sounds in the magnificent Chugach State Park. You will effortlessly discover pristine, clean, and bountiful ecosystems found in its forested and alpine terrain. Alaska is a destination that has truly earned its nickname, “The Last Frontier”. The sights that Alaska offers would leave Ernest Hemingway begging for more!

As the owner of a guided experience company, I understand the value and fascination that Alaska holds for travelers. My business, Go Hike Alaska, began simply with a vision of offering day-hiking in the Chugach State Park, but has since developed into something so much more. Since 2019, we have designed and developed more experiences that capture the imagination, including foraging & cooking classes, historical walking tours, and snowshoeing adventures.

Flightseeing is an exceptional way to see Alaska

Flightseeing is another exceptional way to witness the scale and scope of Alaska’s splendor. We recently partnered with Alaska Helicopter Tour, becoming their go-to hiking and snowshoeing expert guides.

Helicopter & Winter Snowshoe Adventure was born!

Our latest experience, Helicopter & Winter Snowshoe Adventure, aims to spark that rush of adventure only Alaska can bring. These are the emotions of traveling into the unknown, that feeling of excitement and expectation that is so difficult to describe but something our souls yearn for earnestly.

On this tour, the Knik Glacier is our destination; and its terrain is truly unique.

Imagine a 25-mile ice-blue, glistening glacier descending from the Chugach Mountain's largest peak. With a skilled pilot, we’ll zoom just overhead of the massive icefield. Making our way past wild ice and snow-covered peaks, we’ll arrive at a seemingly impossible landing zone amidst snow-covered fields. Then it’s time to engage our human power; put on your snowshoes and get to it.

Some people ask me what are snowshoes, and why do we need them?

These accessories have an extended history, as our ancestors understood. To move through deep snow, you have to spread out the surface area of your footsteps. Snowshoes are made from wood, aluminum, or steel; and can either be bound with leather, rubber, or plastic. They all achieve the same thing: allowing your footsteps to float on the snow instead of sinking into it, opening an entire world of backcountry travel with minimal gear. Moving onwards, we’ll head over rolling fields of snow, snapping memories of everything the land has to offer.

Clocking in at 30 minutes of flightseeing and 1.5 hours of snowshoeing tailored to your ability, just about anyone can join in the adventure. Our only suggestion is you feel comfortable walking for that amount of time. Also, our limit of 3 guests per tour guarantees your experience will be personal and exclusive.

After the thrill of marching through the unknown, the Alaska Helicopter team will take you back to the landing pad at the Knik River Lodge, an exceptional choice to consider for your overnight lodging needs. Savor local Alaskan food while basking in the fulfillment and joy of your latest adventure. May your experience with us in Alaska be forever memorable.


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