What to expect


We meet in front of the Glacier Brewhouse at 737 W 5th Ave, Suite 208, Anchorage AK 99501.

Please be there 15 minutes prior to your hike!  

Your Participation Agreement should be filled out and submitted online before your hike.


What can we say?  For some of us this is an important part of the morning!  There are two very close spots for you to grab some morning fuel. The first is right around the corner from our office at Side Street Espresso on G st. (be aware, however, that they are cash only).  There is also a Kaladi Brothers at 6th and G st.  We also have coffee and tea in the office!  Please be courteous and still meet up 15 minutes early, coffee in hand!


Alaska loves to be cloudy and rainy during the summer, a fact we unfortunately cannot control.  All of our hikes are rain or shine, and some days those spectacular mountain views simply won't be available.  Fortunately, Alaska provides so many other amazing things to look at and enjoy!  If you happen to be here during a bluebird day, appreciate it, we live for those days!



Seeing wild animals is probably part of why you booked a hike in the first place, but please give animals the proper respect they deserve and listen to your guide while navigating them. We are happy to help you get some good photo opportunities if possible, but only if it is safe.  While bears get all the bad rep, moose attacks are far more common.  Seemingly abandoned moose calves and bear cubs abound in spring and early summer and may seem like a fantastic opportunity to get close and take some sweet Facebook photos, but more than likely mom is just through the bushes watching you, and she will attack if she feels her calves or cubs are threatened. Prevention is the most important step in staying safe, and an easy way to do that is by talking and making noise so they know you are coming, which is pretty easy in a group.  Wild animals, especially bears, do not like being surprised, so alerting animals you are coming is the best prevention possible. If you do see a bear on the trail (or popping up right next to you) DO NOT RUN.  The only thing that runs is prey, so speak up if you see an animal and listen to your guide. Every guide carries and is trained in the use of bear spray. Please refer to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website for more info on wildlife encounters.


  • We cannot guarantee you will see wildlife on your hike.  Wild animals come and go at free will and the Chugach State Park is a large wilderness.

  • If an aggressive bear is reported in the area in which you booked your hike, we reserve the right to change your hiking trail. We will do our best to find one of the same skill level and length. 


All participants will be required to sign a Participation Agreement.  This form will be emailed to you after booking your hike.  If you are unable or unwilling to agree to its terms, you will not be allowed to participate in your booked activity and will be issued a full refund.