What to expect


We meet in front of the First Baptist Church, on the corner of 10th Avenue and L Street, Anchorage, AK.

Please be there at least 5 minutes prior to your hike!  

Your Participation Agreement should be filled out and submitted online before your hike.



All of our hikes are rain or shine.  However, if the weather is too severe (i.e. thunder, lightning, hail, blizzard, etc.) we'll issue you a full refund.



Seeing wild animals is probably part of why you booked a hike in the first place, but we need to give animals the proper respect they deserve.  We will provide you a safety briefing before your hike.  Please listen to your guide during any encounter situation. We are happy to help you get some quality photos, but only if it is safe.  While bears are commonly referred to as the aggressors, moose attacks are far more common in Alaska.  Every guide is trained in large animal safety, and the use of bear spray. Please refer to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website for more info on wildlife encounters.

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