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Transportation & Meetup

Guests have the option of using our transportation or providing it for themselves.  You will be asked the question whether or not you would like transportation during checkout.
If you select "no" to transportation, you will meet us at the trailhead or follow us from the meetup location.  We will coordinate prior to your tour via text, phone, or email.

If you select "yes" to the transportation question, we will meetup, depart, and return at the Egan Center in downtown Anchorage as seen on the map to the left.  Please arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to your tour.  There are available parking garages in the area if you have a vehicle, or if you are staying downtown it is most likely within easy walking distance and a great pre-hike warm up!

For private parties, we will pick you up at your preferred location if you are staying within the Anchorage limits.  We will not offer pickups to Eagle River, Wasilla, Palmer, or Girdwood.

If you choose to ride with us, please anticipate being within close proximity to one another. We ask you kindly please sanitize your hands before entering the vehicle.
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