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Our COVID-19 Response



We are still offering transportation from our pickup location to the trailhead, but we are requiring masks be used while our vehicles.   Anyone riding in a vehicle must anticipate being within close proximity to one another (< 6 feet).  You may also choose to arrange for your own transportation to the trailhead, just let us know during booking checkout.  A mask will be provided if you do not have your own, but our supplies are limited so please bring a mask if you have one.


During our hike, we will follow the World Health Organization (WHO)'s recommendation of maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet between all hikers.  We will have hand sanitizer always available.



Alaska, and Anchorage specifically, have implemented specific protocols for travelers coming from outside Alaska.  Please see the guidance on the State of Alaska's website, which outlines testing and quarantine protocols and provides links to additional resources. 

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