Parking Information

 Downtown Anchorage unfortunately does not provide free parking in the immediate vicinity.  However, there are several garages and lots in the area for you to utilize.  For a full list of lots and rates, please visit Easy Park. Please keep in mind that while meters are free on the weekends, the 2-hour parking limit (for those that have it) is still enforced.

There are also a few free options not too far away.

  • Street side parking at 12th Ave. and G St.

  • The non-park side of 10th Avenue, between I St. and L St.

  • 10th Ave. after L St. is free going down the reminder of the park, just be sure to check all signage for exceptions.

The walking options are all approximately 10 minutes away. 

Transportation Information

If you do not have a car, the main bus station is on 6th Ave. between G & H, just one block away!


Anchorage also has Lyft and Uber service, as well as numerous taxi companies for you to choose from.  We are centrally located at 737 W. 5th Ave, Suite 208 above Glacier Brewhouse.  Check that your hotel isn't just a couple blocks away.