Day Hikin' & Peak Baggin'


7 Hours


Rainbow Peak, Mt. Magnificent


Total Travel Time:

1 hours

Roughly 5.5 miles with 3,500 feet elevation gain

(350 flights of stairs over the course of 6 hours)


Total Hiking Time:

6 hours




Moderate for a few & Difficult for Most.  Recommended for ages 18 - 55.

This is the ultimate experience for those looking to conquer one of the great non-technical peaks in the Chugach Mountains.  Both Rainbow Peak and Mt. Magnificent prove difficult even for the most advanced hikers, but the rewards are truly magnificent as the names suggest.  We’ll take you to one of these marvels depending on trail and weather conditions.  Be prepared, have confidence.  We’ll help you achieve your goals!


During the climb, we have the opportunity to see moose, bear, dall sheep, mountain goats, plus a variety of small mammals like arctic squirrels and marmots.  There are plenty of birds to gaze at like bald eagles, thrushes, chickadees, and jays. If you are feeling weary about your safety, don’t fret!  All our guides are experienced in the back country and will educate you on animal safety before we set out.


Along the way we will enjoy lunch featuring Alaskan berries, smoked salmon, and a variation on a classic: a sun butter & jelly sandwich.  We also have fresh fruit and granola for this demanding trip.  At the summit, or turnaround point, we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy some casual banter about all things Alaskan and take spectacular photos and video.  After that, we will head back while enjoying the sights and sounds, which make Alaska so amazing.  We will even have you back in time to visit our great local restaurants, or even take a museum or brewery tour if you aren’t whipped!


Experience Requirements:

You should have a PLENTY of hiking experience before attempting this hike. At a minimum, you should be able to walk roughly 10 miles on flat pavement, or 8 miles of uneven rolling terrain over the course of 4 hours.  You should also be able to easily climb many flights of stairs and be able to scramble (using your hands to move and climb).  Many parts of trail are very steep and hilly, placing additional stress on areas of the body not impacted by level terrain.  There are also areas with exposure where some may not feel comfortable, but we are there to assist you and motivate you!  Not recommended for those with cardiac or respiratory issues/illness.  May be difficult for those with severe joint issues.  If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know and we will accommodate you with a different snack option.


Departs: 10 am

Returns: 5 pm

737 W. 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501

+1 907.444.9008