Alpine Mini Trek


2.5 Hours


Glen Alps – Blueberry Loop to Powerline Pass, Anchorage Overlook


Total Travel Time:

1 Hour


Hiking Time:

1.5 Hours.  Roughly 2.5 miles and 400 feet elevation gain (40 flights of stairs over the course of 2 hours)




Easy for some & Moderate for others.  Recommended for ages 10 - 75.

Glen Alps is a day-hikers dreamland, offering something for almost any skill level.  We start the tour by heading uphill through sub-alpine terrain loaded with coniferous hemlocks and elderberry trees.  At the crest, we will stop for outstanding views of the Cook Inlet, including an up-close view of Anchorage’s most hiked peak, Flattop.  Moving along the popular Blueberry Loop, you will learn about the tundra vegetation and wildflowers that inhabit the area, and maybe even sample some alpine berries if they are in season (July – September). 


Afterwards, we head down to the incredible South Fork Campbell Creek Valley; an area where moose, dall sheep, and even bears are often seen!  There is truly iconic Alaskan scenery here.  Speaking of moose and bears, all our guides are experienced in the back country and will educate you on animal safety before we set out.


Halfway through our tour we'll take a snack break with a delicious sun butter & jelly sandwich and drinks.  Recharged, we will finish the tour at the Anchorage Overlook, where you can get those final picturesque shots of the Anchorage Valley.  We will then head back to the city, leaving you plenty of time to visit our great local restaurants, or maybe even take a museum or brewery tour!


Experience Requirements:

No experience required, but you should be able to walk at least 4 miles on flat pavement, or 2.5 miles of uneven rolling terrain over the course of 1.5 hours.  You should also be able to easily climb a few dozen flights of stairs over the duration of the hike.  Many parts of trail are steep and hilly, placing additional stress on areas of the body not impacted by level terrain.  Not recommended for those with cardiac or respiratory issues/illness.  May be difficult for those with severe joint issues.  If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know and we will accommodate you with a different snack option.

Departs: 9 am

Returns: 11:30 am

737 W. 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501

+1 907.444.9008